Tessa Mountstephens

In her role as managing partner at THE BRIDGE, Tessa brings energy, drive and direction to our organization. As a trainer, she feels privileged to accompany our clients and participants on their journeys towards their aspirations, using creativity and positive energy to position them to best reach their full potential.

While qualifying as a lawyer in Australia, Tessa founded a publishing house and successfully launched a guidebook to her home city, Sydney, shortly after her admission as a solicitor. This signalled the end of her legal career, a move which she has not once regretted. She stepped across continents and into general management within the tourism industry in Germany, where she held leadership positions for 13 years. Since joining THE BRIDGE in 2007, she has supported our clients on all continents, particularly in the areas of leadership development, team development and organizational culture. To her work she brings first-hand knowledge of the intricacies of leading teams and businesses and a cross-cultural sensitivity which allows her to enable sustainable and authentic leadership and excellence in the most diverse individuals and teams.

She holds a wide range of certifications and has a passion for enjoying herself at work. Tessa is based in Munich and works fluently in English and German.