Engaging with Strategy & Change

Whether rolling out a new vision and strategy, changing processes, structures and mind sets or merging business entities – we support you to focus on and mobilise what will make it a success: your people. Involve them, help them to fit in, contribute and shape the path, get them inspired about the possibilities of what’s lying ahead,  enable them to rally and align, and support their personal growth.

We draw on a wide range of change management methods and tools, such as project management, communications planning, workshops, focus groups, design thinking, leadership & team coaching, and ambassador programmes. We add value by:

  • enabling leaders and teams to embrace an active role and shape the change process
  • facilitating open discussion and team reflection – in turn enabling the team to translate the overall vision and strategy for their area of responsibility, and to define and pursue their strategic goals
  • focusing on people and their socio-emotional needs. Our team interventions and coachings align energies into the desired direction, and support the personal development of the individual leader and team members
  • guiding teams to define and adopt the specific behaviors, micro-skills and practices to begin living the desired work culture
  • taking on whichever roles are necessary to keep things moving: we inspire, energise, mediate, facilitate, uncover, question, trigger, provoke, clarify, simplify, structure, arrange, consult and coach