Leadership Development Journeys

We are proud to be our clients’ partner of choice for complex, multi-modular leadership development programmes. Breaking the normal confines of the classroom, our programmes bond together participants from diverse locations and disciplines, guiding them through a carefully orchestrated combination of theory and practice on a journey of self awareness and realisation over the course of three to four modules. A cohesive storyline helps to connect the dots and reflect on “why?” and “so what?” as we drill down from the big picture of strategy through to the individual contribution. Complemented by complex outdoor and experiential learning activities (many of which our alumni remember vividly years later), projects cutting across the global organisation, mentoring, job shadowing and business discussions with senior management, our participants emerge from a unique, 360 degree development experience, energised, focused and having made sense of their potential, personally and within their organisation. In other words: ready to get the rubber on the road. Tailor-made to fulfil the specific needs of our client, we pitch the approach and contents to suit high potentials, first time managers, multipliers, middle managers or senior executives.

Development doesn’t happen at the flick of a switch. Each individual brings their own experience, personality, strengths, needs and goals – whether personal or organisational – to the learning context, and an awareness of these factors builds the background to all our programmes. At the centre lies our Connected Leadership approach, which evolved together with our clients’ increasingly complex needs. We aim to support each participant to fully understand the self, building awareness of those people and circumstances around them and understanding how they connect to the organisation’s aspirations.

We can also offer a full service assessment and selection process for our leadership development programmes. From the initial concept design through to logistics, preparation of observers and conducting feedback conversations, our two selection specialists will ensure your organisation invests in the right people.

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