Effective Remote/Virtual Collaboration

Remote and virtual collaboration is everywhere in today’s business world. Whether with people who report directly to you, project work, or cooperations with consultants and contractors, being competent to deal with distance, cultures and unclear organisational structures has become an absolute necessity.

Our customised training supports global managers, teams and work groups to minimise their painpoints, increase their effectiveness and deliver bottom line results. We equip people with a solid understanding of the key factors influencing remoteness and most importantly, use our knowledge of experiential learning to practise situations and learn from them. We ensure that people leave our workshop equipped to take new and different actions to improve remote management and leadership style.

Key topic areas that we address:

  • How do we manage and work with a remote/virtual team?
  • How do we ensure that people are aligned, engaged, trusting and focused?
  • How can we compensate for a reduced effectiveness in communication with other skills and technology?
  • How does culture impact on remote/virtual collaboration, and how can we avoid derailers?