How we work

At the BRIDGE, we connect new impulses with personal experience – and turn learning into impact.

We believe in asking participants simple questions which provide the source of valuable discussion, self-reflection and sharing with learning partners. Any leadership theory, management methodology, framework or tool we introduce is followed by our favourite question: “So what?”, or in other words: “How can you use this to become better in your role?”

We always base the design of our interventions on the following central beliefs:

  • Participants learn best with the right mix of cognitive and experiential impulses
  • Learning needs to connect with the participants personally to enable individual insight
  • The learning has to have practical applicability for each individual participant
  • Participants can learn at least as much from each other as from the facilitator
  • Creating a fun atmosphere enables most participants to open up, and experiment with their own behaviour. This is critical if workshops are to go beyond being an intellectual exercise to enabling participants to develop a new range of behaviours and skills.

Wrapped around our bespoke designs are our client’s individual vision, strategy and competency models. We always aim to create a lasting return on investment by either solidly anchoring the learning in the organisation or incorporating project based learning in our programmes.