Roberta Pezzarossa

Roberta earned a degree in art history and archeology  from Strasbourg University before stepping across to represent TradeFair Milan in Germany. A fascination for psychology led her into human resources, for which she built a solid foundation of experience within the global organisation Lufthansa.

Over the past 19 years, Roberta has supported many organisations across the automotive, pharmaceutical, travel and tourism industries in developing momentum in change processes, leading effectively within and beyond national borders, developing teams, managing conflicts and developing proficiency in sales. Her wide reaching qualifications and certifications include change management, coaching, work-health balance, NLP, organizational development, Wingwave coaching and Lumina Spark certification.

Roberta’s own bi-cultural Italian-German background, and having lived in four different countries, allows her to bring a flexible and sensitive perspective to her training and coaching practice, where she aims to help her participants find a sense of ease and lightness with which the can approach their work.

Roberta works around the globe in four languages: Italian, German, English and French.