MUSIC intercultural model

The MUSIC model© is a framework for reflection, assessing cultural behavioural tendencies along 5 dimensions. It is based on a synthesis of decades of anthropological and intercultural research undertaken and constantly updated by several institutes.

Your individual MUSIC profile serves as a starting point, indicating your preferred behaviours and attitudes at work, and how you compare with the average profile from other people and other countries. It allows you to see differences and similarities, and enables you to effectively build an informed “first best guess” about people you work with, and to anticipate how you may want to adapt your behaviour in order to best work together.

Our premise is that there is no one right or wrong way of doing things – just different ways.

The MUSIC model© is a pragmatic tool which will help you to identify your individual gaps and challenges for cross-cultural interactions, and build hypotheses and strategies to effectively build a bridge between partners.