Christina Karschti

Christina brings 14 years of experience as a manager in people and organizational development at leading international corporations and medium-sized companies. She is a graduate in psychology and holds a master’s degree in business administration. As an HR consultant and executive coach, she focuses on leadership development.

In her truly empathic way, she challenges people in changing perspectives and helps teams improving their cooperation and organizations on their way to a more trusting and collaborative corporate culture.

Her in-depth expertise in psychometric testing tools, neuroscience, systemic coaching, transaction analysis, and large group intervention techniques enable her to create safe spaces for self-reflection, feedback, and growth in a creative and always unique way. Christina’s passion is to design and deliver sustainable and inspiring learning journeys with a strong focus on building values and ensuring pragmatic results while simultaneously providing a deep sense of meaning.

As part of a Hungarian minority, she was born in Romania, grew up in Germany and studied in Germany, the USA, and Australia. Christina is based near Dusseldorf and speaks fluent German and English.